The Fourth of July is the biggest summer holiday where families and friends gather to have cookouts, swim to cool off from the heat, and most importantly watch fireworks to end the night. Phantom Fireworks wants you to have the best Fourth of July, so we made a checklist for you to follow.

  1. Food – Go shopping for the food you’ll need at your Fourth of July party. If you’re doing a potluck, be sure to assign your guests with dishes they are supposed to bring. 

  2. Mow your lawn – I bet you’re having your party in your backyard, right? You should probably go mow your lawn before people come over. You don’t want your friends and family struggling through a jungle to get to their seats. 

  3. Clean your house – Now that you’ve mowed your lawn, go inside and clean your house. Make sure to get that bottom part of your toilet. No one wants to see that! You’re probably going to use paper plates and plastic silverware, but you still need to clean your dishes and keep your dishwasher clear for the utensils you will use. 

  4. Seating and eating arrangements – This should also go without saying unless you want people to sit in your freshly cut grass. Bust out as many lawn chairs and tables as you can so your guests can eat comfortably. 

  5. Grill – You may already know to do this, but we’re saying it anyway, clean your grill. No one wants old burger pieces from Memorial Day in their Fourth of July burger. Fill your propane tank, or stock up on coal/wood so you don’t run out while making your hotdogs. 

  6. Red, White and Blue décor – Buy these early because everyone is grabbing as many decorations as they can before the Fourth of July. You don’t want to be rummaging through your local store on July 3rd in search of good decorations, because all the other items are missing pieces or have snags on them. You should also get some food coloring to make your desserts table patriotic. 

  7. Backyard games – A party isn’t a party unless you have games going on, whether it be cornhole tournaments, flag football games, a competitive soccer game, or whatever activities you do at your family gatherings. In order to keep people away from your grilling area asking when the food will be ready, you won’t want to forget the games. 

  8. Sunscreen – It will more than likely be hot and sunny during your prime party time, so you’ll want to make sure you have some sunscreen for people to use while they sit outside and digest all the food they just ate. 

  9. Bug spray – While everyone is rushing to get to your awesome party, bug spray is one of the most forgotten items. And we all know mosquitoes are ruthless, so have some backup bug spray!

  10. Umbrellas – Umbrellas are good to have on hand if Mother Nature decides she’s no longer happy and wants to rain on your party. Or if all goes as planned and it stays sunny, umbrellas are good for creating shade for people to sit under if there are no trees around. 

  11. Water – Of course we mean water balloons, squirt guns, or other ways for people to have fun and cool off. 

  12. Music – Get everyone moving and grooving with some music. You can host karaoke or play music from your speakers. Keep the good vibes going with a killer playlist.

  13. Bring a change of clothes – If you are one of the unfortunate people that gets tossed into a pool, gets hit by a water balloon, or just gets cold fast, bring a change of clothes. Maybe two depending on your night. 

  14. Bonfire and accessories – Get some dry wood and gather up your family and friends to sit around your bonfire. Be sure to get items to make s’mores or roast some hotdogs.

  15. Fireworks – We think this is a given, but in case you’re new to hosting, no Fourth of July party is complete without seeing some fireworks. Whether you’re watching your neighbor’s fireworks, a professional show, or shooting them off yourself, it’s the only way to end the night! If you’re putting on your own show, make sure you follow all of our safety tips!


Now that you’ve got the food, mowed the lawn, cleaned your house and grill, got the games ready, hung all the decorations, made a killer playlist, and bought your fireworks, you can have a Phantastic Fourth of July!