It’s that time of year where you need to stock up on fireworks for your family Fourth of July party. Maybe you go into a Phantom Fireworks showroom or a tent and grab whatever looks the biggest, or maybe you’re new to having a firework display in your backyard and want to impress your neighbors. Whatever your situation, Phantom Fireworks is here to answer any of your firework questions.

There are several different kinds of firework products you can use for your backyard show, like aerials, ground/non-aerials, novelties, and assortments. The category you choose depends on who you’re trying to impress.

Aerial fireworks

Aerial fireworks are large, colorful fireworks that propel effects into the sky from a single mortar tube, or several mortar tubes fused together.

Finale racks are multi-shot aerial fireworks which can have a number of mortar tubes inside. Typically, there are 9 shots and each one varies in color and effects. They are considered to be the best part of the show as they are the biggest and loudest fireworks that end the show with a bang. These will display a wide range of colors and effects to really get your neighbors to say ooh and aah.

500 gram repeaters, also known as cakes, are pre-loaded into tubes and are the largest multi-shot aerial fireworks available in the United States. Depending on the size of the mortars in each tube, they can be large and loud. 500 gram repeaters are very easy for consumers to use as there is one single fuse to light which is connected to the other tubes.

200 gram repeaters are multi-shot aerial fireworks that are pre-loaded into tubes.They are smaller than the 500 gram repeaters, but they are unmatched with the phenomenal effects.

Mortar kits have launching tubes that are attached to a base to help keep the tube level on the ground. Consumers have to load the tubes individually with the shells. When they explode in the sky, they are rich in color and have mesmerizing effects.

Rockets and missiles are either attached to a tube with a fin or a stick that shoot up producing a variety of effects, like whistles, bands, crackles and stars. Consumers can stick the rockets and missiles into the ground or on platforms and light the fuses individually. Fun fact: rockets are actually one of the most recognizable and one of the oldest types of fireworks.

Aerial spinners are lit on hard flat surfaces. Once they are lit, they spin fast enough to fly into the air emitting a shower of colorful sparks underneath.

Roman candles are in tubes, typically made out of cardboard, which shoot out comets, stars and other various effects. They eject one or more exploding shells with superb colors. They can also be large in size producing larger effects.

Parachutes have a single tube with one or multiple shells with a weight or an army man toy attached to a parachute which allows them to float to the ground. Some parachutes are made to be daylight parachutes and others are night time parachutes. Daytime parachutes will leave a trail of smoke, and night time parachutes will have a strobe trail.  

Non-aerial fireworks (ground-based fireworks)

Fountains are the most popular non-aerial firework. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They don’t shoot into the air and don’t generally make loud bangs like aerial fireworks do. When the fuse is lit, fountains will emit a shower of colorful sparks and can make whistling or crackling noises. Most last a long time and different components create the varying colors and effects.

Smoke balls are colored with a fuse out of the top. When lit, smoke is emitted that is the same color as the ball.

Firecrackers have to be individually lit and are small in size, but they produce a loud report. Firecrackers can also come in a brick, which are packs of firecrackers fused together. When you light the pack, they all go off in a matter of seconds. The last way firecrackers are put together is in a strip. Firecrackers are fused to a connecting fuse. When lit, the firecrackers go off in sequence. Fun fact: firecrackers are said to be the oldest fireworks to be made.

Jumping jacks are similar to firecrackers; however, when lit, jumping jacks jump off the ground. Each one jumps, pops, and may emit colors.

Ground spinners are products that when lit spin on the ground and produce sparks. These often change colors and give off a good amount of light when spinning around.

Wheels are often in a card or plastic disc with a round shape. Attached to the disc are a number of rocket like propellants which make the disc spin around creating flames or sparks when lit.


Sparklers are wires layered with pyrotechnic composition that can be stuck into the ground or you can hold them. They range in size and some can be put on top of cakes for birthday celebrations. Sparklers are considered the staple of Fourth of July.

Party poppers vary in size, but they are mostly used for celebrations. When you pull the string on poppers, they make a loud popping noise and emits confetti.

Lanterns are similar to little hot air balloons, so when you light them, the flame will make the lantern float into the sky. Most of the time, lanterns are used for festivals around the world.


Now that you know all the different kinds of firework products, you can be confident you’ll leave an explosive impression on your family, friends, and your neighbor down the street. If you want a mixture of aerial fireworks or ground fireworks, there are assortments available that have the best selling products inside the package.