Every year, Phantom Fireworks introduces brand new premium fireworks with amazing performances. Focusing on quality, performance, and amazing effects Phantom constantly continues to add to its already impressive line of fireworks to keep it America's #1 Fireworks Retailer. 2019 is no different! Phantom has launched several new fireworks this year that will surely leave your neighbors envious.

Bazinga Blast

Bazinga Blast is a 7-shot 350 gram repeater and will leave you wanting more. It looks small, but it’s packed full of colors and effects. Bazinga Blast shoots red, green, blue, and gold colored brocades, comets, crossettes, glitter tails, and dahlias. Did we mention how dazzling beautiful it looks in the sky?


Zeus’s Wrath

Zeus’s Wrath is a 12 shot 500 gram repeater that lights up the sky with fascinating colors and effects. Zeus’s Wrath shoots red, green and silver brocades, chrysanthemums, palms, with cracklings and mines for all of the mythical Gods and Goddesses to marvel at.


Walloping Warheads

Walloping Warheads Premier is a 25 shot 500 gram repeater that whistles into the night sky. Red, blue and silver colors erupt from this repeater with comets, crackles and whistling following. This stunning fireworks will have your audience on the edge of their seats.


Wolf Pack Double Star

Wolf Pack Double Star is a 24 shell mortar kit with 12 incredible effects. Stars in a variety of red, blue, green, and purple dance into the sky. Willows, flowers, dragon eggs, crackles, and flowers pair nicely with the colorful bursts. You’ll be the highlight of everyone’s night.



Maniac is a Z cake finale piece with 68 shots inside. The red, green, gold and silver colored bursts are perfect for the stunning tail effects. Your audience with experience a range of effects, like brocades, comets, glitters, peonies, and palms.


Geomagnetic Storm

Geomagnetic Storm is a 20 shot 500 gram repeater that has mesmerizing crackling mines, colorful dahlias of red, green, gold and blue. The sparkling shots and effects will have everyone wishing they were at your Fourth of July party.


Wolf Pack Mine To Willow Spectacular

Wolf Pack Mine To Willow Spectacular is a 9 shot 500 gram repeater that will have everyone gazing up at the sky with amazement. This firework has red, green, and blue strobe mines that rise into giant gold willows with red, green and blue tips.


Studio 54 Strobe Classic

Studio 54 Strobe Classic is a 23 shot 500 gram repeater and will remind you of the glam from the 70’s. There are double shots of gold glitter tail to green strobes paired with blue mines to flashy red and white strobes. It’ll leave you gasping in its astonishment.



To really amp up your show, you should try one of our new items with some of our old faithfuls! Here are a few combo suggestions:

G-089 Tropic Thunder and G-471 Geomagnetic Storm
G-016 Mineshell Mayhem with G-489 Bazinga Blast
G-463 Wolf Pack Mine to Willow Spectacular with G-675 Grucci Palm to Willow

Phantom Fireworks makes sure to bring you the best and brightest fireworks for every celebration. These future fan favorites will be sure to add an impressive emphasis for your 4th of July shows. Phantom Fireworks huge selection of fireworks in a variety of categories gives you the ability to customize and choose all kinds of performances to boost your fireworks show. Visit fireworks.com to view a complete inventory of fireworks and to find a Phantom Fireworks location near you. Start building your fireworks show today!