Here at Phantom Fireworks, we know that fireworks are not a one-size-fits-all for your celebrations. We understand you may have pets, or people in your neighborhood who don’t like loud noises and may be affected by the sounds. Keep these special products Phantom Fireworks has that are low or no noise while providing a variety of colors and effects! 

Festival of Lights Fountain is a fountain that is long-burning and designed to emit no noise while still displaying an array of colors of blue, yellow, red, purple and gold. When lit, this product strobes and gives off lively sparks.

Flower Pot Fountain is a colorful low noise fountain that emits an array of effects and colors for
all to enjoy and lasts approximately 60 seconds!

Scatter Bug is a 200 gram repeater which lets out a soft noise when the shots are fired into the
air. Once in the air, there’s no loud burst! 16 shots look like colorful bugs crawling across the
night sky! Very unique effect!

Flying Stars is a no noise fountain designed to emit a shower of red sparks with stars racing
away from the sides. This fountain is all visual!

Flaring Stars is another no noise fountain that showers gold sparks and flares which look like
colorful laser beams shooting away from the fountain. Another item with an approximate
duration of 1 minute!

Serenity Fountain is a colorful noiseless fountain that is as peaceful as the name suggests!
This fountain is full of a variety of colors and effects.

These noiseless and low noise fireworks can be used to start off your display, or they can be
your main display. Whatever you decide will surely impress your audience, anytime you shop at
Phantom Fireworks!
Don’t forget all of our various high-quality sparklers and morning glories!