How to Properly use Wheel Fireworks



Pre-show Setup
  • Securely attach your wheels to their supports
  • Some wheels come with a nail taped to the packaging
  • Put the nail through the center hole and use a hammer to drive it into a piece of wood or tree
  • Do not hammer too tight because it will prevent the wheel from spinning
  • Make sure you have a clear, open space to light
  • Have a hose, fire extinguisher, or water supply on hand in case of emergencies
  • Make sure your audience is a safe distance away, a minimum of 30 feet
  • Keep wheels in their packaging until you are ready to use
  • Make sure all fuses are covered until ready to use
Using Wheels
  • Be sure to wear Safety Glasses and Safety Gloves when lighting
  • Use a Phantom Pyro Torch, punk or extended lighter to light
  • After you light the fuse move a safe distance away
  • Never re-use a wheel that fails to light the first time, use a hose or other water source to soak the wheel and safely dispose of the wheel outdoors\


  • Do not sue with Alcohol
  • Never attempt to take a wheel apart
  • Never put your hand or any part of your body over a wheel