State Laws & Regulations in Arkansas


Specifically Permitted Roman candles, skyrockets, helicopter rockets, cylindrical and cone fountains, wheels, torches, colored fire, dipped sticks, mines and shells, firecrackers with soft casings, and novelties (size limitations specified.)
Selling Period June 20-July 10 and December 10-January 5 (Snakes and sparklers permitted all year.)
Age to Purchase 12 years
Display Permit Apply to Director of State Police at least 2 days before display date. Prior approval by local authorities required.
Insurance Proof of liability
Operator Shooters license required.

Annual licenses required. Apply to Director of State Police before April 1. Valid May 1-April 30. Non-residents must have license to do business in state. Retailer may purchase license from supplier, who must report to the director of state police semi-annually (January 31 and July 31.) Minimum age 21 years.

Manufacturer $ 1,000

Importer $ 750

Distributor $ 500

Wholesaler $ 100

Retail (per outlet) $ 25

Shooter $ 50

Public Display $ 25


Commander, Fire Marshal’s Office

Arkansas State Police

1 State Police Plaza Drive

Little Rock, AR 72209


LAW NUMBER Act 224 of 1961, Act 379 of 1977 Act 677 of 1991, ACA 20-22-701-through-715

Provided by the American Pyrotechnics Association.