State Laws & Regulations in Connecticut

Specifically Permitted Hand-held and ground based sparkling devices that are non-explosive and non-aerial, and do not contain more than 100 grams of pyrotechnic composition per item.
Specifically Prohibited All other consumer fireworks including multipletube sparkling devices that exceed 100 grams of total pyrotechnic composition. Novelty items are illegal.
Age of Purchase 16 years
Display Permit Apply to local fire marshal prior to application to State Fire Marshal. Apply to the entity proscribed by the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection at least 15 days before display date. Fee of $100.
Insurance Required. Minimum of $1 million liability insurance policy per accident for bodily injury and property damage.
Operator State license and certificate of competency required. Fee of $200 is paid to state treasurer. May be renewed every three years with a fee of $100. Assistants must be at least 18 years of age.
MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Manufacturing requires a license; storage and transportation requirements specified in state law and regulations.

Apply using the forms provided by the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection. License needed for each location where business will be conducted. License is not transferable. Fees:

Fireworks manufacturing $ 200

Dealer $ 200

Wholesaler $ 200

Jobber $ 200


Emergency Services and Public Protection Connecticut State Police

Special Licensing and Firearms Unit

1111 Country Club Road Middletown, CT, 06457 Phone: 860-685-8470

American Pyrotechnics Association