Phantom Fireworks of Indiana

Phantom of Burns Harbor
Chesterton, IN
218 Verplank Road
Phone: 219-787-8555

Phantom of Indianapolis (NE) / Castleton, IN
Indianapolis, IN
6805 Summit Hill Way
Phone: 317-576-0606

Phantom of Clarksville / Louisville
Clarksville, IN
2223 Koetter Drive
Phone: 812-285-0633


Phantom of Ft. Wayne
Ft. Wayne, IN
1630 Northland Boulevard
Phone: 260-489-5607


Phantom of Highland
Highland, IN
8843 Indianapolis Boulevard
Phone: 219-923-6760

Phantom of Indianapolis (SW) / Airport Area
Indianapolis, IN
6225 W. Washington Street
Phone: 317-244-2228


Phantom of Lawrenceburg
Lawrenceburg, IN
1670 U.S. Highway 50 East
Phone: 812-537-4005

Phantom of Merrillville
Merrillville, IN
3101 E. Lincoln Hwy. Rt. 30
Phone: 219-947-1984


Phantom of South Bend
South Bend, IN
52626 St. Rd. 933
Phone: 574-247-5744




State Laws & Regulations in Indiana

Specifically Permitted Consumer fireworks that comply with the construction, chemical composition, and labeling regulations of the U.S. Consumer Products Commission.
Location for use A special discharge location, property of the person, or property of a person who has provided permission.
Time limitations May be used only between 9am and 11pm on days other than holidays. On holidays (which includes Memorial Day, July 4th, and New Year’s Eve) fireworks may be used from 9am until midnight. Local authorities may further limit permissible use.
Public Safety Fee State law imposes a fee based on retail income.
Age to purchase 18 years of age
Display permit Apply to State Fire Marshal at least 5 days before display date. Permit application must name the operator and set forth his experience. (For indoor pyrotechnics, 24 hour written notice must be provided to the local fire department.)
Insurance Required: $10,000 minimum to $100,000 maximum personal injury insurance, $10,000 minimum to $100,000 maximum property damage insurance. However, for indoor pyrotechnics, the general liability coverage must be at least $500,000 for personal injury, and $500,000 for property damage.
Operator Operator must be approved by the fire chief of the local fire department in which the display is to be located.
MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Prior to shipment of fireworks, novelties, and trick noisemakers into the state, shipper must submit to the State Fire Marshal complete descriptions of items being transported, written certification that the devices are in compliance with Indiana law, and a $1,000 registration fee. Shipping crates must be labeled with exact number of pieces enclosed.
CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE Manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors must annually seek a certificate of compliance. Must send list on or before June 1 and apply before June 15th. Expires Dec. 31 of the year issued.

Manufacturer $1,000

Distributor $1,000

Wholesaler $1,000

Importer $1,000

Public Display $ 69

Retailer, retail stands

1-4 stands $276 

5-10 stands $ 552

11-20 stands $ 966

21-50 stands $1,380

More than 50, $1,380 plus $35 for each stand over 50


State Fire Marshal

State of Indiana Indiana Government Center South

302 W. Washington Street, Rm E241

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(800)669-7362; (317)232-2222; (317)232-1407

Email: [email protected]

LAW NUMBER Ind. Code §§ 22-11-14-1 through 22-11-14-15; 675 Ind. Admin. Code 12-3-3, 12-3-9, 12-3-10

American Pyrotechnics Association