State Laws & Regulations in Massachusetts 

Specifically Permitted None
Specifically Prohibited Firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, flares, candles, bombs, sparklers, wheels, colored fire, fountains, mines, and serpents.
Display Permit Apply to local fire chief at least 15 days before display date. Approved permit is sent by local fire department to Office of State Fire Marshal, not less than five days before the display date
Insurance Certificate of liability for $1,000,000 and bond for $15,000.
Operator State license required, apply to State Fire Marshal, valid two years, $40 fee. Fireworks and special effects are separate personal licenses, $40 fee each. Fireworks Special Effects Users Certificate issued to companies covers both
MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Labeling, storage, and transportation regulations specified in law. Annual transport permit $100 fee issued to valid Fireworks Special Effects User Certificate holders.
LICENSING Manufacturing license required. Apply first to local authorities, then to state authorities

State Fire Marshal

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Department of Fire Services

P.O. Box 1025 - State Road

Stow, MA 01775

Phone: 978-567-3100; 978-567-3375

LAW NUMBER Mass. Gen. Laws Ann. Ch. 148, §§ 9-10, 12, 16, 39-45; 527 Mass. Code Regs. 1.05 (modifying NFPA 1 (2012 ed.)); 801 Mass. Code Regs. 4.02

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