State Laws & Regulations in Montana 

Specifically permitted Items meeting the CPSC requirements, except for items specifically prohibited (see below). Mail orders prohibited.
Specifically prohibited Skyrockets, roman candles, bottle rockets.
Selling period June 24-July 5 and December 29-December 31
Sale Salesperson’s minimum age: 18 years. Wholesalers permit required.
Display permit Apply to State Fire Marshal or to local authorities at least 15 days before display date.
Insurance Required in an amount considered adequate by the State Fire Marshal or local authorities, not less than $1,000,000 per event.
Operator ATF license required

Fire Prevention & Investigation Bureau

2225 11th Ave.

P.O. Box 201415

Helena, MT 59601

Phone: 406-444-2050

Fax: 406-444-2759

LAW NUMBER Title 50-Chapter 37, Montana Code Amended

American Pyrotechnics Association