Phantom Fireworks of New Hampshire


Phantom of Londonderry
Londonderry, NH
15 Londonderry Road
Phone: 603-434-0700
Phantom of Seabrook / Boston, MA
Seabrook, NH
3 Chevy Chase Road
Phone: 603-474-3322
Phantom of Hinsdale / Springfield
Hinsdale, NH
939 Brattleboro
Phone: 603-256-8123

State Laws & Regulations in New Hampshire 

Specifically Permitted Consumer fireworks designated as “Permissible Fireworks” which have been approved by the AFSL or other 3rd party testing agency including aerial devices, cakes, roman candles, ground spinner, party popper, snake/glow worm snapper, wheels and sparklers.
Specifically Prohibited Firecrackers, stick rockets/missiles, and any device that Produces solely smoke.

Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase & possess fireworks. Must be used on your own property, or with written permission of the landowner. Must comply with all local ordinances.

Sellers must have an ATF, local & NH State license to sell “permissible” consumer fireworks. State permissible fireworks sales license fee is $1,500 annually. “Permissible” consumer fireworks may only be sold from a permanent structure that meets the requirements of the State Fire and Building Codes.

Display Fireworks  
Display Permit State permit required, must be submitted to local authorities for Approval at least 15 days prior to the date of display and 3 business days prior to the date of display to the Dept. of Safety.
Insurance $1,000,000 liability required.
Operator Certificate of Competency required. Written examination required. Minimum age – 21 years. $100 license fee
Licensing State license for sale of fireworks required. $1,500 annual fee. Minimum age 21 years. Must have ATF permit plus local permit.
Proximate/Special Effects  
Permit Required. All pyrotechnic, flame/fire, or other forms of special Effects are required to have a permit issued by the State Fire Marshal. Permit fee: $250 to $400
Licensing Certificate of Competency required. Written examination required. Minimum age 21 years. Fees: Pyrotechnic Operator $100, Flame Effect Operator $100, Special Effects Operator $100
Enforcing Authority

New Hampshire Dept. of Safety

Division of Fire Safety – Office of the State Fire Marshal

Special Operations – Fireworks Enforcement & Safety Unit

33 Hazen Drive

Concord, NH 03305

(603) 223-4289

Email: [email protected]


Law Number

N.H. Code of Admin Rules

Saf-C 5000 – Display Fireworks

Saf-C 2600 – Consumer fireworks, sales, distribution

Saf-C 6900 – Proximate Audience, Pyrotechnic Flame & FX

RSA 160-B Fireworks

RSA 160-C Permissible Fireworks

American Pyrotechnics Association