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State Laws & Regulations in New Mexico 

Specifically permitted All items that comply with the requirements of the CPSC, except stick-type rockets having a tube less than ¼” inside diameter. Municipalities may prohibit use of aerial and ground audible devices.
Age of purchase 16 years
Display permit Required. Obtain from governing body of the county of municipality where display is to be held.
Insurance Not specifically required in state law
Operator No license specifically required in state law.

License required, fee as follows:

Manufacturer license $1500

Distributor license $2000

Wholesaler license $1000

Display Distributor $1000

Specialty retailer license $ 750

Retailer permit (required $100 for each location) Replacement Permit $ 20

License good for 1 year.

Apply to State Fire Marshal’s office. Municipalities and counties may require licenses or permits and reasonable fees not to exceed $25 for the sale of fireworks.

MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Safe storage areas specified in law.

State Fire Marshal

State of New Mexico

P.O. Box 1269 Sante Fe, NM 87504-1269


LAW NUMBER Fireworks Licensing and Safety Act, Section 60-2c1 through 11. Effective Feb 1, 1990
  NOTE: Fireworks restrictions may be imposed during extreme drought conditions. 60-2C-8.1

American Pyrotechnics Association