State Laws & Regulations in Oklahoma 

Specifically permitted All consumer fireworks meeting the requirements of the CPSC, unless specifically prohibited. Novelties approved by U.S. DOT or deregulated by DOT.
Specifically prohibited

Skyrockets, including bottle rockets or stick rockets, M-80s, mail order sales of fireworks, and door to door sales.

As of 8/22/13, Aerial Luminaries, commonly known as Sky Lanterns, Hawaii Lanterns, Knogming Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Sky Candles, Fire Balloons or Flying Luminaries.

Selling period June 15-July 6 & December 15-January 2 (Retail Sales) Year-round by licensed manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers.
Age of purchase At least 12 years of age, unless with adult.
Display permits Apply to local authorities at least 10 days before display date, or State Fire Marshal if no local permit procedure. Permit must be signed by city clerk or State Fire Marshal.
Insurance Minimum general liability insurance of $1,000,000.00 or amount set by local authority.
Operator Display Operators must be state licensed.

NFPA-160 adopted by reference.

NFPA-1124 adopted by reference.

NFPA-1123 adopted by reference.

NFPA-1126 adopted by reference


Apply to Oklahoma Tax Commission on or before March 1 annually.

Distributor $1,000

Manufacturer 1,000

Wholesaler 500

Retailer 10

(may be purchased from a licensed wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor)


State Fire Marshal

2401 NW 23rd

Street, Suite 4

Oklahoma City, OK 73107


LAW NUMBER 1991 Oklahoma Stat, Title 68, Sec. 1621 et seq. as Amended 6/8/10

American Pyrotechnics Association