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State Laws & Regulations in South Dakota

Specifically permitted All fireworks that comply with CPSC regulations
Specifically prohibited All consumer fireworks made wholly or in part of dynamite, nitroglycerin, or giant powder. Specifically prohibits firecrackers
Selling period June 27-July 5
Sale Retailers must purchase from licensed wholesaler. Sale or use prohibited in Black Hills district or in any national or state forest or park. Sale from any vehicle prohibited. Salesperson’s minimum age 18 years. Special retail license for sales to out of state residents available.
Display permit Apply to local authorities. Display must comply with NFPA 1123. Must purchase fireworks from a licensed wholesaler.
Insurance None specifically required in state law.
Operator No license specifically required in state law.

Apply to State Fire Marshal by June 15. Retail and wholesale licenses required annually. Good for calendar year.

Wholesale $ 500

Retail $ 25

Special Retail $ 1000


State Fire Marshal

State of South Dakota

118 W. Capital Ave.

Pierre, SD 57501-2036

Phone: 605-773-3562

LAW NUMBER State Code, Chapter 34-37

American Pyrotechnics Association