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State Laws & Regulations in Tennessee

Specifically permitted Items meeting CPSC requirements.
Specifically prohibited Illegal ground salutes and mail order purchase of fireworks by consumers.
Selling period June 20-July 5 and December 10-January 2. Sales by year-round retailers permitted. Novelty items do not require a permit
Age of Purchase 16 years or 17 with an ID
Display permit Apply to State Fire Marshal at least 10 days before display date. Prior approval of local authorities required, $50 fee. $50 expediting fee if received 10 or fewer days prior to display
Insurance $1,000,000 of liability insurance required as well as a state exhibitor license.

Required for outdoor fireworks, proximate, indoor & flame effects. $100 – $200 maximum for each certification which is good for 2 years.

State certified operator must be 21 years old & prove experience on at least 3 prior displays, pay the required $100 certification fee, take & pass exam. 6 hour of continuing education every 2 years, with required renewal fees for each certification.


Safe storage areas specified in state law. Annual license required; apply to State Fire Marshal. Licenses valid until December 31. Establishments may buy only from licensed suppliers. License number to be affixed to each order and invoice. Minimum age 18 years.

Manufacturer $ 1,000

Distributor $ 1,000

Retailer $ 1,000

Wholesaler $ 1,000

Seasonal retailer $ 100

Exhibitor $ 1,000


Dept of Commerce & Insurance

Division of Fire Prevention

500 James Robertson Pkwy, 3rd Floor

Nashville, TN 37243


LAW NUMBER Tn. Code. 68-104-102(d)(1)

American Pyrotechnics Association