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Battle Of Yorktown 4-1, 1 Box

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  • six pieces #8 Ball Roman Candle,
  • two pieces #3 Cone,
  • two strip (200 pieces) Firecrackers, 
  • three pieces Silver Crackle Crackers,
  • five pieces Silver Salute Crackers,
  • five pieces M-98's,
  • one piece 25-shot Saturn Battery,
  • two pieces Assorted Shells,
  • one piece Chinese New Year,
  • one piece seven-shot Toot &amp Twirl,
  • four piece assorted 7" Floral Shells,
  • six pieces #1 Assorted Fountains,
  • two pieces Ground Bloom,
  • five packages (60 pieces) Jumping Jacks,
  • six pieces Bombing Planes,
  • two pieces 10" Missiles,
  • two pieces Tanks With Reports,
  • two pieces Single Day Parachutes,
  • six pieces Clustering Bee Rockets,
  • six pieces Flying Pearl Rockets,
  • 24 pieces Wolf Pack Howling Bottle Rockets,
  • 36 pieces Wolf Pack Bottle Rockets with report,
  • 36 pieces #8 Gold Sparklers, 36 pieces.

Total of 628 pieces, purchased individually $158.

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