Phantom Fireworks is the Premier Fundraising Partner For Non Profit Organizations and Individuals.

Looking for a way to make some EXTRA CASH while having fun? The 4th of July is right around the corner and pretty soon Fireworks tents will be popping up all over. There are great opportunities to make money by both selling Phantom Fireworks and providing space from which Phantom Fireworks are sold. Phantom Fireworks provides EVERYTHING necessary for a successful fundraiser. For only a couple weeks during the summer, you can make some serious extra cash for yourself or your organization.

Phantom Fireworks will provide EVERYTHING, including:

  • ​​​Exceptional Fireworks Products
  • Location
  • Attractive Stands/Tents (Delivery, set-up and removal)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Hundreds of Dollars in Free Advertising
  • Sales Aides-posters, signs and price tags
  • Professional Support Team


    To learn more about selling opportunities click the following links: