California's premier fireworks fundraising partner for non-profits
"Fireworks Stand"


Phantom Fireworks is California's premier fireworks fundraising partner. Teaming up with over a thousand non profit organizations every year, Phantom Fireworks is able to help raise a significant amount of money in a short amount of time for every group!



Hundreds of Phantom Fireworks stands throughout California!

"California Fireworks"


Every Fourth of July, Phantom provides the greatest and safest fireworks for California. All our fireworks stands come fully stocked with a wide selection of fountains and novelties, we make sure we have something for everyone to enjoy!


A Wide variety of fireworks!

"California Fireworks"


Phantom Fireworks has over 1,000 stands opening out throughout the state of California for the 4th of July season! All stands are operated by non profit organizations to help raise money for their causes. Find a nearby stand to stock up and help a good cause.


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To speak with a representative, please contact one of Phantom Fireworks local offices

Bakersfield Office

(661) 735-319

Fresno Office

(559) 459-0610

Modesto Office

(800) 554-8955


(661) 735-319

Southern California

(559) 459-0610

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