Phantom fireworks will help increase the number of new and returning customers!

Do you have commercial property on which you like to increase the traffic? Do you have a few parking spaces you would like to rent for 8-10 days and make good money as you increase your commercial traffic

Phantom Fireworks' outstanding reputation for products that are exciting and safe can dramatically increase the number of new and repeat customers to your property.

Benefits of Being a Phantom Fireworks Landlord:

  • Stands and Tents are attractive and well designed. Phantom makes every effort to ensure that set-up and removal is as effortless and possible.
  • Aggressive advertising to further increase traffic to your location.
  • Rental Revenue Opportunity.
  • Provides $10 Million in Liability Insurance.
  • Professional account managers who work with property managers to ensure special needs and requests are met.
  • Temporary retail space. Parking lot locations for tents/stands or inline space in shopping centers.
  • Short Term: From mid-June through mid-July
  • Approximately 500 square feet for stands and 1,500 square feet or more for tents and in-lines
  • Visibility and access from high-traffic areas desirable 


Phantom Fireworks is a charter member of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory, which tests products at the factory level in China before they are exported to the United States, ensuring that all Phantom products meet or exceed the requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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*Organizations realize a substantial profit from their sales when products are sold at suggested retail. And all fireworks are on consignment, so unsold items are returned to Phantom Fireworks after the 4th.