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Welcome to Phantom Fireworks Fundraising!

Phantom Fireworks presents incredible opportunities for you to make a significant impact and raise funds like never before! Whether you're an ambitious individual or a dedicated non-profit organization, we are thrilled to support you in reaching your fundraising goals. By partnering with us, you'll unlock the potential to make a real difference in your community or earn some extra substantial income for the summer. Join us today and discover the exciting world of fundraising possibilities with Phantom Fireworks!

Maximize Your Fundraising Potential!

Firework sale events have tremendous fundraising potential, and Phantom Fireworks has partnered with over 1,400 groups and individuals to help them raise money for various causes. From supporting youth programs and scholarship awards to community aid and personal fundraising, we provide a platform for you to make a meaningful impact.

Everything You Need for a Successful Fundraiser!

Phantom Fireworks takes care of everything necessary for a successful fundraiser, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. We provide the setup, training, and a wide range of high-quality fireworks products to attract customers and drive sales. With us, there are no hidden costs—our fundraising program is fun, simple, safe, and easy.

Phantom Fireworks provides EVERYTHING necessary for a successful fundraiser!

We provide the setup, training, and fireworks! No need to worry about hidden costs. It's fun, simple, safe, and easy! For only a couple of weeks during the summer, you can make some serious extra cash for yourself or your organization!

Fundraising - Make Extra Cash

Key Benefits of Partnering with Phantom Fireworks:

  • A Supportive Network: Benefit from a support network of experienced personnel who are dedicated to your fundraising success. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

  • Local Orientation and Training: Receive comprehensive orientation and training specific to your location, ensuring that you and your team are well-prepared to maximize sales and create an exceptional customer experience.

  • Highest Quality Fireworks Products: Our extensive selection of fireworks features the highest quality and most sought-after items, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • Prime Location Assistance: We secure a quality location that attracts maximum traffic, increasing your sales potential.

  • Convenient Payment Options: Increase your sales by offering customers the convenience of credit card payments with our proven credit card machines.

  • Insurance and Permits: Rest easy knowing that Phantom Fireworks provides premise and product-liability insurance, as well as assistance in obtaining all necessary permits and licensing.

  • Extensive Advertising Support: Take advantage of our hundreds of dollars in free advertising to promote your fundraiser effectively.

  • Sales Aids and Marketing Materials: Access a range of sales aids, including posters, signs, and price tags, along with professional marketing and sales materials to enhance your fundraising efforts.

  • Consignment Basis: Merchandise on a consignment basis, minimizing financial risks and maximizing your profit potential.

  • Hassle-Free Logistics: Phantom Fireworks takes care of the delivery, setup, and removal of the tent or stand from the site location, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make serious extra cash for yourself or your organization!

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