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The huge demand for Phantom Fireworks during the 4th of July season provides non-profit groups with the opportunity to earn significant amounts of money for your charitable endeavors in a very short period of time.

If your group is a recognized religious or 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has sufficient members to man a fireworks stand over an 7-10 day selling period, and you are interested in raising money to support your charitable purposes, then fireworks sales is just the fundraising activity that can be both fun and profitable for your organization.

NOTE: Not all cities permit the sale of fireworks as a fundraising activity, so check with Phantom to see if this opportunity is available in your area.

Phantom Fireworks Provides Everything Necessary for a Successful Fundraiser

  • Exceptional Fireworks Products

  • Attractive Stands/Tents - delivery, set-up and removal

  • Liability Insurance

  • Hundreds of Dollars in Free Advertising

  • Sales Aides-posters, signs and price tags

  • Professional Support Team

"We are able to help fund the instrumental music program at Alpine Vista School. we use the money for field trips, that enhance the learning in the classroom. This year, our first field trip is to take students to see USC !" - Alpine Vista School PTO

"Phantom provides a high quality product with a large is easily our best fundraiser!" -Salem Hills High School

"The staff at Phantom is the best! They truly ensure you have a great experience selling/fundraising and teach creative ways to be successful!" -Appointed Church Las Vegas

Fundraising with Fireworks

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