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This page exists so we can get the correct path for the coloring contest at "/contest/coloring-book". DO NOT PUBLISH.

This "strategy" can be used for migrating the old web pages from Drupal to the Shopify site. Example:

You must recreate the endpoint "/foo/bar" but there is no "foo" page, or you don't want a "foo" page anymore. The easier solution would be to type "foo/bar" in the handle field, but that will result in the page being reachable at "" but NOT at "". Instead, create a page (like this one) with the "foo" handle, fill in the required fields with anything, leave it as unpublished, and place the newly created "foo" page in the page path of "bar". You'll receive a warning that doing this may break the "bar" page, but it won't, and you'll be able to reach the intended url of ""

Created: 5-31-23