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Phantom of Bloomingburg Showroom

Bloomingburg, OH
7 Days:10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Tammy Slaughter

Asst. Manager

Jaden Fitzpatrick
Coming soon

Welcome to Phantom Fireworks in Bloomingburg, Ohio!

Located at 12973 Rt. 38 N.E., our Phantom Showroom is your premier destination for all things fireworks in the Bloomingburg and Columbus area. As the largest provider of fireworks in Ohio, Phantom Fireworks offers an extensive selection of dazzling products to make your celebrations unforgettable. From mesmerizing aerial displays to ground-based effects and captivating fountains, we have everything you need to create a truly spectacular experience. Join us at our showroom and get ready to ignite the night with the magic and excitement that only Phantom can provide!

New Ohio law makes Phantom’s full line of fireworks legal to light on the following dates: 11/12/23 - Diwali (4pm - 11pm) 12/31/23 - NY Eve (4pm - 11:59pm) 1/1/24 - NY Day (12am - 1am & 4pm - 11pm) 2/10/24 - Chinese New Year (4pm - 11pm)